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Accessories for your Planty Garden

You've got your garden boxes, soil mix, and seeds. Now, you only need a few gardening tools to get started.

You probably already have some at home:

Trowel and claw

A simple garden spade will do. Choose one that will last, preferably made with stainless steel. It should have a rounded blade so you don't damage the weed mat at the bottom of your garden box.

Use it for scooping the soil mix, to mixing in the nutrients, and transplanting.

A sturdy garden claw - the MM-harkje - is nice to have too. It helps you keep your soil mix loose and airy, rake out weeds, and remove old roots.

Bucket and deli container

You use the bucket and small plastic container to water your plants.

I use a black bucket from the hardware store. And empty yogurt cups or deli containers work great for scooping and pouring the water.


You use the scissors to harvest and thin out your seedlings.

Special garden shears are fine of course, but sturdy household scissors are just as good.

Plant labels

After sowing, give your plant a label right away. Otherwise, tomorrow you'll forget what you sowed 😉

Make them yourself or  find our indestructible labels in the shop.

Pre-sowing vermiculite and air pots

Summer vegetables like tomatoes and zucchini need to be pre-sown indoors. The easiest and best way to do this is with our air pots. You fill the pots with equal parts MM-Mix and pre-sowing vermiculite.

You can read more about pre-sowing here.

Anything else?

You'll need something to attach your climbing plants to the trellis. String, for example, or some reusable tie wraps.

Our crop cover, the MM-muts, helps to protect your plants from cold. It also offers your plants extra shade on hot days and shields your kale plants from butterflies.

That's it

So, now you've got everything. The last step is to download the app and start!
Have fun!


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