Pre-sow vermiculite 6L

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Pre-sowing on vermiculite is easy and fast. The granules retain moisture and air, allowing seeds to germinate easily and develop strong roots.

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Why pre-sow with vermiculite?

Most people pre-sow in pots with potting soil. This doesn't always go well: the potting soil dries out or becomes too wet and starts to mold, the seeds don't germinate well or the seedlings grow too quickly. And when you want to transplant the delicate seedlings, you easily damage the roots.

With a mixture of 50% vermiculite and 50% Makkelijke Moestuin Mix, you don't have any of those disadvantages. The moisture and air balance in it is perfect: the seeds will easily germinate. And because vermiculite is sterile, you have less chance of mold.

Vermiculite doesn't stain, your hands don't get dirty, and spilled vermiculite can be easily wiped up. So you can pre-sow right at the kitchen table.

Note: this product is sold out and will not be restocked. We are working on another pre-sowing mixture that is specially made for us. As soon as it is available, it will be added to the shop - to replace pre-sowing with vermiculite. 

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