Monday 4 October 2021

Fall: what can you still do in your vegetable garden?

Today I'll take you through updates and tips for fall, what plants can and can't handle the cold, and what you can still sow now.

We'll plant some garlic too - it's a great vegetable for this month.
Red winter onion and garlic in the MM-Airbak

Yup, summer's over.

Nice weather today. But, the really nice weather is done for the year.

Here in Groningen, it's been raining buckets lately and the next 2 weeks it won't get much better. Real autumn.

Oh well, that has its charms:
Spider's web in the mist
It doesn't affect the harvest, which is still huge thanks to the mild summer we had.
Another zucchini
And what do you think of my raspberries?
Tons of raspberries on 1 branch
You can imagine how many we pick a day. And by the looks of it, this plant will keep it up for a while πŸ˜€

But you can tell it's fall now. Leaves are turning brown and falling off, and some plants will die soon. That's just nature at work.

I've already started tidying up a bit:
Cleaning up here and there
The garden boxes are far from empty though. I'll show you which vegetables you can leave for a long time and which you should harvest now:

Which vegetables do well in cold weather?

What can you still sow?

Officially you can't sow much of anything in October: the Planty Gardening app only gives you a few options.

But the weather doesn't know that. It does what it wants. It could stay warm enough for some of the September plants. 

So, I still sow a few things. And I cheat a little, by using a crop cover:
An MM-Muts over my MM-Hero garden box

That was it for today

Let's hope the weather is decent and you can go out into your garden a lot. Beautiful sunny fall days: what could be better?

Even on cloudy days, we still get some sun:
Sunflowers can still bloom in October
For now, I wish you a wonderful fall.

In the next email - around the end of October - I'll show you how to prepare your Planty Garden for winter.

See you then!
PS: Enjoying your vegetable garden this fall?

Share your Planty adventures on Facebook or Instagram and add the hashtag #plantygarden. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got πŸ™‚

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