For 120x120 MM-hero and MM-bamboo's

MM-electric fence 120x120

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Set with electric fence for MM-heroes and MM-bamboos of 120x120 cm. Really keeps snails and slugs out. Note: limited stock. 

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A vegetable garden without snails and slugs

MM-slakkenschrikdraad: for a vegetable garden without slugs.

Until now, there hasn't been a truly effective solution against all slugs and snails. That's why we made this electrical fence ourselves. Because whether you're dealing with slugs or snails, small or large ones: this device keeps (almost) all of them out.

As soon as the slug touches 2 out of the 4 chains - one from the top and one from the bottom - it receives a small electric shock and turns around. That electric shock is so small that you - or animals or children - won't feel anything if you touch it. Unless you touch all wires with your tongue, but you probably weren't planning on doing that 🙂

This set is made for the MM-hero and MM-bamboo vegetable garden beds of 120x120 cm.
You can find the one for beds of 60x120 here.
You can find the one for beds of 60x60 here.


We developed and made this electrical fence completely ourselves. After a long period of testing - adjusting - testing again and adjusting again, we are now at the point where we can sell it. We're absolutely proud of that 😀

But because we do everything ourselves, sometimes we can't keep up. Then the electric fence is temporarily out of stock, but it won't take long. So, enter your email address at the top, and you'll receive a message right away when they're back."

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