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Thinning and pricking out seedlings

In a regular vegetable garden you have to thin and prick out after sowing. In the Planty Garden you don’t have to do that, you just sow at the right distance.

Sowing in a regular vegetable garden

In the regular vegetable garden you usually sow in rows. You dig trenches and scatter bag after bag of seed in them to do this. Then you press the trenches closed again - or cover them with sharp sand - you water and keep the soil moist.

After a few days or weeks, the seeds germinate. Then beautiful rows of tarry green emerge. But because those seedlings are far too close together, you have to thin them out.
In een gewone moestuin zaai je op rijtjes
In the regular vegetable garden you usually sow in rows.

Thinning and pricking out

Thinning requires iron discipline and a heart of stone: at least 9 out of 10 plants have to make room for the happy few.

Pricking out (taking out the plants and putting them somewhere else) is also an option. However, what you see a lot - especially with beginners - is that the plants remain too close together. But then they cannot grow well.

Here you see a vegetable garden where they did replant. Do you see how much space is needed?
Net verspeende plantjes in een gewone moestuin
Regular vegetable garden where they replanted seedlings

Sowing in the Planty garden

Ther you do it a little differently: you don’t sow in rows but in square patches.

  • prick as many holes in each patch as you need: 16 for radishes, 9 for beet, 4 for lettuce heads, and 1 for dino kale.
  • then  put a few seeds in each hole
  • pour in some water with a cup
  • and press the holes closed

Sowing a patch is really easy and takes very little time. At most 5 minutes per patch.
Radish seedling at the correct distance
Because you sow exactly as many plants as you want and place them at the right distance from each other, you hardly need to thin out and especially not prick out.

This way, you also need far fewer seeds than in a regular vegetable garden.

What about weeds and all that other maintenance? I tell you on the next page:

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