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Help! Slugs and snails in your Planty Garden

How do you stop slugs and snails in their tracks? Tips for blocking, deterring, and fighting off hordes of slugs and snails. Some tips work better than others 😉

More and more snails

You're seeing more slugs and snails in your garden because:

  1. There are fewer natural enemies like hedgehogs, blackbirds, toads, and frogs. But even smaller enemies like the ground beetles, spiders, and daddy longlegs are having a tough time these days.

  2. There are some invasive slug species that reproduce at lightning speed. They crossbreed with native species, so the offspring are even more resistant to the local climate.
Doesn't sound all that great, does it? 

Well, there's good news too 🙂

You can protect your vegetables from slugs and snails, but you have to take action. That's what this series is all about.

How do you protect your plants from slugs?

Just one thing before I start. 

Where you live and where your garden boxes are located are the two main factors that determine how many slugs you'll have. 

About 20% of people with a Planty Garden here in the Netherlands live in a true slug zone. They have to deal with hundreds of slugs and snails, or more.

In a true slug paradise, you can try all the tips and tricks you like - but they will never be truly effective.

I know because my own Planty Garden is in a slug zone.
Naaktslakken op mijn peterselie
Slugs on my parsley

Our own product

After years of experimentation and frustration, I developed my own product: the slug fence.

In my humble opinion, it's the only device that really works:
Whether you're dealing with large snails or small slugs: it stops them all.

You can read more about it here.

The other 80%

Fortunately, for 80% of people gardening with us, slugs are not such a big deal.

That means you have a few snails here and there. You can easily catch them or lure them away from your vegetables.
Een enkele slak: die kan je wel aan
A single slug: you can handle it
If this sounds like you, then the tips I've put together will definitely help. 

What can you do yourself?

In short, it comes down to this:

You can do 4 things to help fix your slug problem:

  1. make your vegetable garden unappealing (to slugs, not you)
  2. lure them (and use a trap)
  3. stop them (by putting up barriers)
  4. kill them

Whatever you do, start as early as possible

Slugs and snails lay insane amounts of eggs - up to 400 (!) at a time. The sooner you take action, the more effective your anti-slug campaign will be. And the less trouble you'll have the rest of the year.

Let's start with the first:

Make your vegetable garden unappealing to slugs and snails


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