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MM-bamboo table

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Super deluxe garden box made with sustainable bamboo. At table height for easy access. Grows 8 types of vegetables at once to maximize your harvest. 


The MM mix is ​​the ideal soil for all your plants. You never have to replace it

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Details: with legs and bottom
Inner dimensions: 60x120 cm
Outer dimensions: 66x126 cm
Plank thickness: 3 cm
(working) Height: 79 cm
Incl: grid and weed mat
Weight with wet MM-Mix: max. 185 kg
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Deluxe garden table made with thick bamboo planks

This garden table made from bamboo is our finest yet.

It's built to last - and look great - for 20 years at least. It's made from thick bamboo planks, which have a warm wood color. The bottom and legs are made from super strong galvanized steel.

Set up a vegetable garden with an MM-Bamboo box and you'll enjoy it for years to come.

Plus: sustainably sourced bamboo helps prevent (tropical) deforestation. Bamboo grows 10x faster than trees and the material also lasts much longer than hardwood.

That's good for you and the environment 🙂

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