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Super deluxe garden box made with sustainable bamboo. At table height for easy access. Grows 8 types of vegetables at once to maximize your harvest. 


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Details: with legs and bottom
Inner dimensions: 60x120 cm
Outer dimensions: 66x126 cm
Plank thickness: 3 cm
(working) Height: 79 cm
Incl: grid and weed mat
Weight with wet MM-Mix: max. 185 kg
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Deluxe garden box made with thick bamboo planks

This vegetable garden box made from bamboo is our finest yet.

It's built to last - and look great - for 20 years at least. It's made from thick bamboo planks, which have a warm wood color.

Set up a vegetable garden with an MM-Bamboo box and you'll enjoy it for years to come.

Plus: sustainably sourced bamboo helps prevent (tropical) deforestation. Bamboo grows 10x faster than trees and the material also lasts much longer than hardwood.

That's good for you and the environment 🙂

What's the best place for your Planty Garden?

Vegetables need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. So find a sunny spot for your garden box. 

Other than that, it can go anywhere: In your (front) yard, on your balcony, or (roof) terrace. We even know somebody who has a garden box on his boat.

Tip: The closer your Planty Garden is to your kitchen, the more you'll remember harvest. Think of it as an extension of your refrigerator 😉

Note: This garden box doesn't come with a base plate. It only has a weed mat for the bottom. So, if you have a balcony or terrace, you should check out our MM-Hero garden tables. These come with bottoms, so the frame won't rest directly on your tiles or wood. Or try our MM-Mini grow bags to start small.
Precies diep genoeg, duidelijk raster en vakken van 30x30 cm

Is it really worth it?

1. Afmetingen

A Planty Garden yields 5x as much per square meter compared to a regular vegetable garden grown in rows and beds.

Because you sow each 30x30 cm square patch several times a year, you produce on average about 12 euros worth of fresh, organic vegetables per plot. A box with a trellis yields even more.

You quickly earn back your investment when you harvest. But because your garden box will last for years and you don't have to replace the soil mix, what you produce after that first season is pure profit. Ka-CHING.

How do you set it up? (instructions)

2. Bodem en poten

Parts for our garden boxes are delivered separately and are super easy to assemble. You can find the full instruction manual here: instructions

With a Phillips screwdriver and a socket wrench, it's easy to set up. 


If you order a trellis too, you'll prep that part first. It comes as a kit with:

  • aluminum pipes for the trellis frame
  • galvanized, cast iron corner pieces and brackets
  • a strong UV-resistant plastic net with 10x10 cm mesh
Just for the trellis, you'll also need your own drill. The five minutes of drilling is the most labor-intensive part 😉

NOTE: Carefully read the instructions before you start. It would be a shame if your trellis is crooked or if you drill the holes in the wrong place. 

You'll first attach the brackets to box's side planks. Drill a couple of 9 mm holes. Once you've drilled the holes, attaching the brackets and putting the trellis together is a piece of cake:

  •  put in the pipes into the brackets
  •  connect the corner pieces
  •  secure everything firmly with the included hex key
That's it. You've got your trellis frame all set up. You attach the net to the frame with tie wraps. (The kit comes with about 30.)
Met bodem en poten maak je er een tafelbak van.

More about sustainability and the materials

3. Klimrek

For the construction of this garden box we use 3 cm (!) thick planks of durable bamboo. These planks last a long time, are stronger than wood, and don't crack or warp.

Bamboo is also much more environmentally friendly than wood, grows 10x faster (up to 1 meter per day!) and the plants just keep growing after harvest.

The material is super nice and has a beautiful warm wood color. The boards are smooth and easy to clean and will only age a little. They stay sturdy

The design is by Remi from Hoefman Engineering.

Safe & clean

This solid bamboo planks material meets the strictest safety and environmental requirements.

Read more about our bamboo, where it comes from and sustainability and the material here.

Connectors and screws

The planks are attached to each other with connectors and nice thick screws made from super strong galvanized steel.

How do you keep the planks clean and nice?

Bamboo planks will remain beautiful, year after year. However, over time the boards will age slightly. Not nearly as much or as fast as wood does, but it's still something.

The advantage of bamboo is that you can pretty much get the original color back by oiling it. That's not an option for wood.
Een klimrek geeft meer oogst en neemt geen extra ruimte in

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