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Soil preparation is not necessary

Preparing the soil is a tough job in a regular vegetable garden. Each spring the plot needs to be plowed or rototilled, fertilized and divided into individual beds.
Grond bewerken in een moestuin
Soil preparation in a vegetable garden
Fortunately, you don't have to do that in a Planty Garden. Instead, you can just start sowing since you use vegetable garden boxes with MM-mix.

Getting started in a regular vegetable garden

Before you begin to sow, you must first cultivate and improve the soil.

This involves the following:
  • determining what kind of soil you have (sand, peat, clay)
  • measure the acidity
  • dig and loosen the soil (about 30 to 60 cm deep)
  • add manure
  • sprinkle lime
  • work loam, sand and/or compost into the soil

Pfft, that's quite a bit.

But wait... there's more:

All that heavy work and preparing the ground is not all. You also have to dig your trenches, make paths and divide the sections.

Still want a regular vegetable garden?

A Planty Garden as an alternative

You don't have to do all that heavy lifting in the Planty Garden. Setting up a few garden boxes is a snap.

Fill them with MM-Mix, and you're done. With ready-made boxes, you'll need an afternoon at most to do that.
Set up boxes, fill, and ready
If you use our durable boxes, you only have to do it once and never again. They last a super long time.

And since you're using MM-Mix, you'll never have to replace that either.
Add some MM-plantfood and mix thoroughly


Your to-do list looks like this in the spring:

  • harvest the last winter crop
  • lift the grid (<1 minute)
  • sprinkle some MM-Plantfood over the mix (<1minute)
  • work it through the soil mix and make everything nice and airy again (max. 15 minutes)
  • if necessary, top up the box with some new MM-mix (<2 minutes)
  • rake everything nice and smooth (<2 minutes)
  • and put the grid back in place (<1 minute

Ready to sow 🙂

Let's go on:

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