Instruction manual: MM-Hero or MM-Bamboo garden table

60x120 cm garden table with legs and bottom. These instructions work for your 120x120 cm table too.

⚠ Want to add a trellis?

Zet je ons klimrek op deze bak?

Then first follow steps 1 to 6 of How to attach your trellis. Do this before you go on to the steps below.

What parts does it come with?

What to get from your tool box:

  1. a wrench (size 13 or adjustable)
  2. Phillips screwdriver or drill bit
  3. hammer

Step 1

Place the planks with the long side up and elevated (between 2 sawhorses, for example). Remove the washers and nuts from the 8 long bolts.

Put the bolts through the holes in all 4 planks and hammer them in. Do this carefully so that you hit the square part of the bolt into the plank.
The bolts don't have to be completely flush against the side, but close to it is good.

Step 2

Using a screwdriver or drill, loosely screw the L-profiles onto the planks at the pre-drilled holes. Don't screw them in too tightly. Once they're secured, there's no going back 😉

This is more difficult with MM-Bamboo planks because the material is harder than that of the MM-Hero. When using a drill, it's very important that you use a suitable bit. This will prevent you from breaking the screw.

Step 3

Secure the 4 planks to each other using the legs and bolts. (For the 120x120 cm garden table, use the longer bolts provided).

First, put the bolt through the hole in the plank, starting from the outer side. Then loosely attach the steel leg with the washer and nut.

Step 4

Put the garden box upright on a flat surface. Make sure the corners are as close together as possible and straighten the legs - if necessary, use your hammer.

Now tighten the bolts. First, as far as possible by your hand and then tighten them a quarter turn further with a wrench. It doesn't have to be any tighter.

Do not tighten them super tight, and definitely don't use a drill.

Step 5 (for the 60x120 garden table)

Put your garden table upright on a flat surface. Lay the base plate along the bottom. If the plate doesn't fit, loosen the corner bolts a little.

Step 5 (for the 120x120 garden table)

Put your garden table upright on a flat surface. Attach the square base bar to 2 of the L-profiles using the short carriage bolts, as shown below.
Lay the base plates along the bottom of the garden table. Put the plates perpendicular to the base bar, as shown above.

Step 6

Put your garden table upright on a flat surface. Attach the square base bar to 2 of the L-profiles using the short carriage bolts, as shown below.

Step 7

Find a good spot for your garden table. You need a sunny area that gets at least 6 hours of sunlight.

You can read more here about how to choose the best spot.

Adding a trellis? Then make the trellis side the northern side of your garden table. This prevents tall climbing vegetables from overshadowing your other plants.

Step 8

Place the weed mat on the bottom of the garden table. Fold the edges up a bit if needed.

Step 9

Fill your garden box with MM-Mix. Make the soil mix damp - but not soaking wet - and loosen it up with a garden spade.

The soil mix is so good, you don't need to replace it. If it gets more compact over time, you can top it off with more mix. To keep it rich, you'll add some nutrients once in a while - MM-Plantfood. The app will tell you when to give it this extra boost.

Step 10

Assemble the grid with the Chicago screws.

Step 11

Lay the grid loosely on top of the soil mix.
Now your garden table is ready for sowing and planting.

Have fun!

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