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Where do our bamboo planks come from?

Our newest garden box - the MM-Bamboo - is made of thick bamboo planks. Where do they come from and which company makes them? Let's start at the beginning:

Where is the bamboo grown?

In Fujian province in China. The combination of rain, sunshine, and good drainage there is ideal for growing bamboo. And the bamboo forests are huge.
A cable car over the bamboo forest. Photo: Jennifer Chen
A lot of companies there work with bamboo. Which makes sense, since the quality of their bamboo is better than anywhere else.

The bamboo planks for our garden boxes are made there and shipped to the Netherlands.

Why did you choose a Chinese company instead of one in the Netherlands or Europe?

We understand that when some people hear about China it raises red flags.

Sure, same goes for us. But, we also know that China is ahead of the game when it comes to some things. Not everything, but in the field of sustainability and CO2 emissions they're working in ways we're not. And they've been doing it for years.

I remember when my mom came back from China - she worked at KLM - and told me that she was almost run over because she couldn't hear the scooters coming. They were almost all electric then. I was maybe 12 years old, so that was a long time ago.
Electric scooter rider in China. Photo: Kevin Olson
Anyway, back to bamboo 🙂

They're ahead of the game when it comes to bamboo too. The best bamboo grows in China, so they have a long history of working with it. They need to too: with that huge population, there's a shortage of wood and other building materials.

Here in Europe, we just don't have that kind of experience with bamboo.

Which is not to say that all bamboo from China is great. Just look at all those so-called 'green' products made from melamine plastic mixed with bamboo fibers.

And, not all bamboo planks are produced with the same care and quality standards.

The company that makes the planks

That's why we searched for a company that gets it right. Not just when it comes to harvesting bamboo, but how the company treats its employees and how they transform the bamboo stalks into the planks we need.

The company REBO in the city of Nanjing meets all our requirements and is super sustainable across the board.

To give you an example: the glue (Dynea) comes from Finland and the oil they use to process the strips of bamboo comes from Denmark. Both are water and/or plant-based: completely eco-friendly.
The company that makes our bamboo planks

Our own workspace

Getting the planks garden box-ready happens in the Netherlands. By us 🙂

We cut and drill our recycled plastic MM-Hero planks too. And then pack and prepare everything for shipping.
The finishing touches: processing the planks happens in the Netherlands

Our bamboo planks are safe

That's what the tests show. REBO went through a rigorous testing process. (See the links at the bottom of the page.)

And, the product meets the strictest EU standard available (EN 717 / E1). On top of that, the tests showed that no volatile gases - like formaldehyde - were released into the air.

Other results: the material is non-flammable, non-toxic, super strong, and idiot-proof. For those in the know: the density is 107 N/mm2. Compare that with oak (34 N/mm2) and hardwood (39 N/mm2).

Why did we make a garden box from bamboo?

  • Where do the bamboo planks come from?

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