Purple kale

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Purple kale

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In the app

Sowing: 1 June - 31 August

Level 1

seeds are sown

0 - 8 days

Level 2

seedling visible

1-2 weeks

Level 3

one seedling

2-4 weeks

Level 4

little plant

4-7 weeks

Level 5

small plant

7-10 weeks

Level 6

first harvest

10-16+ weeks

Zaaitijd: juni-augustus
Hoogte: 20-60 cm
Inhoud: 0,5 gram 
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More about our Purple kale

This special kale has a beautiful purple color that gets deeper and deeper in cold weather. Wonderful to brighten up your bins in the winter.

Sow it late in the summer, before the fall and winter.

Species name: Scarlet
Family: cabbage - finial
Quantity per compartment: 1 per 2 compartments or 1 per compartment if you are going to harvest quickly.
Height: 20-60 cm (back)
Sow: June to August
Sowing depth: 1 cm
Germination: between 10 and 25°C in 7-14 days
Time to harvest: from 5 weeks (for small leaves)
Sunlight: sun - especially in winter

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