Early potatoes

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These firm-boiling potatoes can be planted as early as March and therefore harvested earlier than most other varieties. 250 grams is enough for 4 patches.

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Sowing: 1 February - 15 May

Level 1


0 - 28 days

Level 2

potatoes are planted

4-8 weeks

Level 3

first plants

8-11 weeks

Level 4

little plants

11-14 weeks

Level 5

several plants

14-16 weeks

Level 6

16-19 weeks

Level 7


~week 19

Pre-sprouting: Februari to mid-March
Planting: from mid-March to mid-May
Height: 40 to 60 cm
Content: 250 grams (8-10 potatoes)

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More about about our Early Potatoes

Our seed potatoes are the earliest potatoes that stay firm when boiled. They have a smooth, elongated shape, a yellow color, and are super tasty. Ideal for salads, for baking, or in the air fryer. You can also cook them, of course.

  • Species name: Annabel
  • Family: nightshade
  • Plants per square patch: 2
  • Height: 40 to 60 cm
  • Pre-sprouting: Februari to mid-March
  • Planting: from mid-March to mid-May
  • Germination time: between 7 - 21°C in 21 - 35 days
  • Time to harvest: after 12 - 15 weeks
  • Sunlight: both sunny and half-shade

On average, one patch of potatoes yields 1.25 kg of potatoes. That is 4x as much as a potato farmer, as he harvests about 3.5 kg per m2 🙂

Please note that the seed potatoes are fresh, and we cannot store them for very long. Therefore, we sell them only temporarily and gone=gone. During this period, we also sell complete potato packages like this one:

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