Chinese chives

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This perennial chive variety has flat leaves that have a nice garlic taste: ideal for salads, but also for hot dishes.

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Level 1

sowed indoors

0 - 15 days

Level 2

seedlings visible

2-4 weeks

Level 3

tiny bunch

4-8 weeks

Level 4

at final place

8-18 weeks

Level 5

small bushes

18-25 weeks

Level 6

continual harvesting

25-35 weeks

Level 7

bunch of dry sprigs

35-56 weeks

Level 8

first sprouts

56-82+ weeks

Sowing time: sow indoors in March - outdoors from April to August
Height: 25-40 cm
Content: 0.25 grams
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More about our Chinese chives

Chinese chives - or garlic chives - have flat leaves that taste quite strongly of garlic. Although it takes quite a while to grow decent plants, you can enjoy them year after year.

Species name:
Chinese chives
Family: onion / root vegetable
Number per square: 4 bunches
Height: 25 to 40 cm
Pre-sowing: in March
Direct sowing outside: from April to August
Sowing depth: 0 cm (on top of the mix)
Germination time: from 18°C in 15 to 30 days
Time to harvest: from 15 weeks
Sunlight: preferably in the sun but can also grow in the shade

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