MM-Airbak 60x60 grow bag

Congrats on your MM-Airbak. It's made from 100% recycled plastic.

It takes just a few minutes to put it together. The parts connect to each other, so you don't need tools.

  • felt planter
  • 2 x grid strips
  • 1 x bag with 2 Chicago screw parts
  • 8 long tubes
  • 4 short tubes
  • 8 x three-legged connectors


All you need to do is connect the parts, like a kid's Knex set. Super simple.

There's a bunch of different ways you can do it, but this is the easiest:

Step 1

First, make the base of the frame: click four long tubes and four short tubes together using 4 of the connectors:

Step 2

Put your sculptural masterpiece in the felt square:

Step 3

Take the long tubes and insert them into the 'loops' along the top edge of the bag.

Step 4

Next, attach the remaining 4 connectors to the short and long tubes. To insert the last connecting piece, you'll need to use some extra force and pull one of the tubes a little to the side.

Step 5

Finally, fasten the strips for the grid together with the Chicago screws.

Step 6

Then put your MM-Airbak in a sunny spot, fill it with MM-Mix and place the grid on top.

Now you're ready to sow 🙂



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