How it works

With a Planty Garden, you can enjoy your own piece of nature right at home. Vegetables, flowers, bees, and tons to harvest.

That's because we use a complete system: materials, method, and guidance. Here's how it works:

➊ Go big or small?

First, decide what you want:
  • Start small to see if you like it?
  • A beautiful balcony vegetable garden?
  • Your back yard filled sky-high with vegetables?
It’s all possible. The only thing you need is a place with 6+ hours of sunlight a day.

βž‹ Set up your garden box and fill it with our special soil mix

The secret to success is the MM-Mix. All plants thrive on this nutrient-rich, perfectly balanced soil mix.

Fill 1 of our sustainable garden boxes or grow bags with it and you’ve got perfect growing conditions. The MM-Mix lasts a long time too. So you’re ready for this season and for years to come.

➌ Download our app

No experience? No problem. With our app, you can become a vegetable gardening pro in no time.

It guides you step-by-step from seed to harvest, helps you with problems, and tailors its advice to your situation.

➍ Sowing seeds: smart and efficient

Our seeds are specifically chosen to work with our system: big yields in small spaces. The app helps you sow at the right moment and in the right way. Never have a doubt in your mind: you get it right the first time.

➎ Track your plants step-by-step

When you sow, the app starts a timer. Now and then it asks how your plants are doing. Your answers give the app the info it needs to advise you. It knows what each plant needs and tells you how to take care of it.

➏ Care for your plants a few minutes a day

Since you set everything up right from the start - and the app steps in before problems come up - the remaining tasks are done in no time. It's just the fun stuff: like watering, harvesting, and cutting off a leaf here and there.

You'll probably spend more of your time being amazed: "Woaah, something's coming up", "Look how it's all growing", "Ohhh, another bee on the flowers". πŸ˜€

➐ Enjoy bountiful harvests

With efficient sowing and care, you'll harvest way more per square meter than you expect. Compared to an ordinary vegetable garden, up to 5x as much. In 1 year, you grow 3 to 5 different crops in each square vegetable patch.

Can't wait to get started?

Or do you want to know more?

Het hele verhaal van A tot Z: over het waarom, hoe het systeem precies werkt en hoe je zelf zo'n Makkelijke Moestuin opzet.

Leuk om te lezen, maar je bent er wel even zoet mee. Dus pak er een kop thee of koffie bij πŸ™‚

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