Two strawberry plants - everbearing

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Strawberry plants that give big and tasty strawberries all summer long and taste like woodland strawberries: super delicious 😀

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Sowing: 27 March - 31 May, 27 March - 31 May

Level 1

plant in mix

0 - 14 days

Level 2

plant with fresh leaves

2-5 weeks

Level 3

first flowers

5-10 weeks

Level 4

first strawberries ripen

10-18 weeks

Level 5

flower stems and shoots

18-28 weeks

Level 6

coloring leaves

28-50 weeks

Level 7

about 25 cm tall

50-69+ weeks

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More about our strawberries

Our everbearing strawberries are super easy to grow and give big and tasty strawberries all summer long. Those strawberries have a taste similar to wild strawberries: very delicious.

  • Species name: Favori
  • Family: perennial plant - fruit
  • Plants per square patch: 1
  • Height: 20-30 cm 
  • Planting time: April through May - immediately after receiving
  • Spot: front and center rows
  • Time to harvest: June through early October
  • Sunlight: full sun

We sell the plants in sets of 2 pieces.

But please note: the plants come to us directly from the grower's refrigerator, and we cannot store them for very long. Therefore, we only sell them temporarily and gone = gone.

During this period, there are also complete strawberry packages, such as these:

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