Planty Gardening app

Get fun, game-like advice tailored to your Planty Garden. Grow like a pro, with no previous experience.

Super-smart gardening coach

A Planty Garden works for a reason: it uses a super-efficient growing system so you give your plants everything they need with as little effort as possible.

The Planty app is designed to work 100% perfectly with that system and with our garden boxes, grow bags, soil mix, and seeds.

That's why our app isn't just another 'gardening encyclopedia'. No, the app guides you every step of the way. You'll never have to worry about what to do with your plants again.

Here's how it works:

Add your garden box(es) to the app

From that moment on, you'll get advice tailored to your unique vegetable garden.

The app is designed to work with our garden boxes, which are divided into 30x30 cm square patches and filled with MM-Mix. It helps you sow all the vegetables we offer too.

Get sowing instructions

Sowing is made easy with clear, step-by-step instructions. 

So, you sow in exactly the right:

  • time to sow
  • place to sow in your garden box
  • distance to keep between seeds
  • and the right number of seeds too

When that's done, the app keeps track of your garden's growth.

Check up on your plants

You'll get a notification after a few days. The app asks: "See something coming up?"

Yes? Great. Then the app will show you how to thin your seedlings.

Not yet? No problem. The app will explain the most likely cause and why you have to wait a bit until you can take the next step.

From seed to harvest

As your plants grow, the app will ask you simple questions at each important stage of the plant's life. Like, "Does your plant look like this?"This is how the app knows how your plants are doing and can give you the right advice.

Something not going as planned? No worries. The app will reassure you and come up with a solution.

Simple to-do's

The app also gives you easy tasks customized to the season, weather, and what you have in your garden box at the moment.

So every action you take is exactly what your garden needs. You keep your plants healthy and solve problems before they start. All in about 5 minutes a day.

Growing vegetables is all about timing

Doing the right thing at the right time: that's what growing a vegetable garden is all about. And you can't get that from a book or a course.

What every beginner needs is a personal gardening coach to take you through from start to finish.

With our app, you get exactly that: tailor-made guidance at your fingertips.

So, ready to grow your first vegetable garden?

Nice. Then there are only 3 things to do:

  • get set up with one of our starter kits
  • download the free Planty Gardening app
  • start gardening for about 5 minutes a day

Really: that's it. The rest comes naturally 😉

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