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Our rosemary is perennial and specially grown to enjoy it for years in your Planty garden. Temporarily available as a test.
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In the app

Sowing: 1 May - 30 July

Level 1

plant in mix

0 - 14 days

Level 2

about 15 cm tall

2-6 weeks

Level 3

fresh green needles leaf

6-14 weeks

Level 4

large bush

14-36 weeks

Level 5

about 40 cm tall

36-49 weeks

Level 6

about 0 cm tall

49-75+ weeks

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Rosemary plant for your garden

Rosemary is a well-known culinary herb. This perennial plant has been specially bred to enjoy for years to come.

Our plants come from a professional grower. They have been specially bred to be planted out in the garden so that you can enjoy them for years to come. The plants themselves are still quite small, but they already have a strong root system with which they will grow up strong and healthy.

We sell the plants separately, but also as an affordable herb package. With 4 different herb plants, 4 MM minis and mix. You can find that package here.

Please note: this is the first time that we are testing herbal plants, and we only have a small stock. So when they are gone, they are really gone.

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