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MM-hero light

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A thinner and affordable Hero: super durable from 2 cm (instead of 3 cm) thick recycled plastic. Ideal for low vegetables, flowers and small fruit.

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The MM mix is ​​the ideal soil for all your plants. You never have to replace it

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Version: without bottom
Inner size: 60x120 cm
Outer size: 64x124 cm
Board thickness: 2 cm
(working)Height: 20 cm
Incl: Grid and Anti-weed cloth
Weight with wet MM mix: max. 150 Kg
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Extremely durable vegetable garden box

This Hero-light is an extremely durable vegetable garden: indestructible and will last almost endlessly. Excellent for a vegetable garden box on the ground, but is also nice as a border box, for small fruit or herbs or for perennials such as rhubarb.

The shelves are made of 2 cm thick recycled plastic - 1 cm thinner than those of our 'normal' Hero and therefore also cheaper.

Yet with this container you also use tens of kilos of plastic waste for the sustainable cultivation of fresh vegetables. Plastic that would otherwise have ended up in incinerators. So you are doing doubly good for the environment :-).

Please note: this is a temporary product and we do not have a very large stock. We do this because these planks were already in stock at the factory, and the thicker ones were not yet. This way we can make some people happy again.

This box comes with grid and anti-weed cloth, but without MM mix. It fits 3.5 to 4 bags of MM mix. If you order it at the same time as this box, you will not pay any extra shipping costs.

By the way, we only supply these bins for use on the floor: they are not available with a bottom and legs. You can put our climbing frame on it.

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