Tuesday 1 March 2022

Spring is coming: time to sow 😀

The month of March is ideal to start your Planty garden. Time to sow the first seeds and to pre-sprout the peas.

On our Dutch site makkelijkemoestuin.nl, we started on March 1st. Like every year, we did so with a crazy video:

How to sow?

Once your garden is set up, it's time to sow.

In a Planty Garden, you sow in squares instead of rows. So, all vegetables grow in exactly the right place with enough distance from other plants.

Our app gives you step-by-step instructions for each of our seeds. But there's also a page about it in the Planty Library.
Sowing in a Planty Garden box


The first climbers of the year are snowpeas. You can sow these now, just like the winter pea and sugar snap.

To make them come up faster, you can pre-sprout the peas indoors:
Pre-sprouting sugar snaps


At this time of year, it always takes quite a long time for the seedlings to come up. Especially with those cold nights of the past week. Although it does help if you cover them with our MM-muts 😉

Since the weather is also very dry, you need to check regularly if the top layer of the mix is still moist.

Seeds need moisture to germinate, and the seedlings that already came up have small roots. So give some water if necessary.

I do this quite carefully, using a bucket and a bowl. To prevent the seeds from washing away.
Zaailingen komen nu langzamer op dan later in het jaar

That's it for today

Good luck with the new Planty season: and see you next time!

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